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Balance Between Rankings and Conversions

SEO companies often run into a problem when finding ways to prove to their clients that online rankings are important when it comes to the overall success of a company. Businesses that are just starting to establish an internet presence may be unimpressed by the time it takes to see a correlation between rankings and conversions. Marketing campaigns that relate to brick-and-mortar locations of a store often see results in the short term, but businesses that are establishing their online rankings and looking for important conversions may struggle to see the correlation between the two.

Rankings Vs Conversions

White hat SEO practices can take a long time to begin to see results, but this doesn’t mean results are not going to be enjoyed by a company. Optimisation that aims to improve rankings in the long term are beneficial to a business for a much longer time than any media campaign that leads to short term results. Even if the text of a website is optimised, achieving conversions may depend on changing the overall layout and usability of the website to ensure people can easily find what they need.

SEO service providers may need to illustrate the usefulness of their services to clients by offering evidence of results. Finding keywords that allow for high rankings and conversions at the same time is the best way to do this. Searching for these keywords typically starts with looking for keywords that offer high conversions before moving on to research which of these words or phrases could be beneficial for ranking purposes. Many of these phrases include words that are related to shopping and purchasing items online. For example, a company that sells historical biographies may benefit more from a key phrase related to buying books instead of a keyword that simply related to biographies or books in general.

Marketing copy should be sales-oriented without sounding forced. There should be a human element to any key word or phrase that is used to increase rankings and conversions to encourage website visits without scaring away potential customers with an overly aggressive marketing campaign.

Every key word or phrase that strikes a balance between rankings and conversions needs to be flexible for changing trends. To maintain a high ranking, one needs to be able to change the chosen keywords in a way which keeps clients successful in the long term.