Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a targeted online marketing technique that millions of companies of all sizes use to reach customers who are likely to be profitable for the business.

Search Engine Marketing

A search engine marketing method of online advertising combines an increase in organic search results and paid marketing techniques to increase visibility in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). SEO ACE is skilled in driving targeted traffic to a website and converting visitors for maximum profitably.

Driving Website Traffic with Search Engine Marketing

SEO ACE uses Google AdWords in order to choose and optimise keywords to drive targeted traffic to our clients’ websites. Since we understand that our clients are often working within a tight budget, we make sure that our AdWords campaigns are efficient and cost-effective by looking at keyword matching options, writing fresh ad content and various other techniques.

Analysing Marketing Results

Search engine marketing campaigns cannot be successful unless the outcome of these campaigns is being assessed. We evaluate results in order to determine whether we need to change our approach to give our clients the highest return on investment possible.

Transforming a Visitor Into a Customer

Driving up the volume of website visitors is a great way to gain brand exposure, but a business will not be profitable unless these visitors purchase a product or request a service. We evaluate a website to determine whether users are able to find what they are looking for as easily as possible. A user-friendly website is the most important tool in turning website visitors into paying customers.

Working with Google

Google AdWords is a tool for search engine marketing that can be confusing for companies with little or no training. We have experience and knowledge when it comes to selecting effective keywords to use in conjunction with AdWords in order to achieve results for our clients.

Some businesses try to save money by running Google AdWords without help from a search engine marketing specialist, but the cost of incorrectly implementing AdWords often outweighs any benefits that could be achieved. We can optimise an Adwords campaign by looking at the Quality Score for each keyword. Quality Score is calculated by various factors such as the keywords clickthrough rate, the quality of your landing page and your ad’s relevance. By making simple changes to these elements it is possible to increase the profitability of a campaign.

Measuring and Maintaining Return on Investment

How does a company know if its search engine marketing campaign is successful? Calculating the return on investment related to the campaign is one technique.

We’ll determine your return on investment by calculating how much a search engine marketing campaign costs and how much of a company’s profit has been generated in relation to the campaign. Every company wants a high return on investment, but this area is especially important for companies operating on a tight budget.

One way that we optimise this return on investment is by keeping an eye on the competition and changing search engine marketing plans as online marketing trends change. We stay current with trends in order to better serve our clients.