SEO Packages

The needs of each individual company vary when it comes to search engine optimisation, so we have developed a variety of SEO packages that can be customised to fit any unique requirements that a company may have. Budget constraints may require a company to focus on one area of SEO that offers the highest chance of success. Companies that want to focus on keywords that are very popular and have a high level of competition may need to look at more advanced SEO packages in order to see success in a campaign.

SEO Packages

If you are a business representative searching for the right package for your situation, please use the Free SEO Quote form or call 1300 767 709 to discuss our available SEO packages. Our sales consultants are knowledgeable in the needs of different companies and can point out the advantages and differences of each of our SEO packages.

Initial Research

Once you have selected one of our SEO packages the first step in a campaign is conducting research related to different keywords that relate to the business. Launching one of our SEO packages without completing the research portion of the campaign runs the risk of wasting time and resources on a campaign that will be unsuccessful. We complete a thorough research and testing process in order to ensure that our clients are paying for a quality campaign that has a high chance of success.

Building and Maintaining Links

Our job isn’t done when a campaign is ready to be launched. We continuously work with our clients to ensure that their website is being properly utilised to encourage continued and new visitors.

Content is the most important part of a website when it comes to an online strategy. However, other websites that post links to your company’s website are also key in the SEO process. We work to make sure that any links out there that lead to our clients’ websites are high-quality and positive in nature. As with any business environment, networking is an important component to growing professionally. We talk to owners of other websites that have linked to your company or who may link to your company to build the best linking strategy possible.

We are constantly working to see if new internet trends would change search engine rankings and the needs of our clients, which is an ongoing process.

Analysing Traffic

Directing traffic to a website is not the end of an SEO campaign. The aim of such a campaign is to drive traffic that results in a sale or some other benefit to the company, so it is important to analyse the quality of traffic in order to determine whether improvements can be made.

Google Analytics is a valuable tool that can determine whether visitors to a website are profitable for the company. This tool can be used to figure out whether the website can be improved to be more user-friendly or interactive for visitors.

Guidelines for our SEO Packages

Search engines have clear rules (eg Google Webmaster Guidelines) which are designed to keep results as useful as possible to people who are conducting searches. Some SEO companies will use unsavoury practices when they are working on a campaign for a client because the initial success will be high. However, going against the rules of search engines means risking a penalty or even complete deindexing of a company website from a search engine.

We use only white hat optimisation practices in order to ensure that SEO guidelines are being followed. Even if a company is only issued a warning about their techniques, a rankings decrease that results from such a warning can seriously hurt the success of a business.